Educational value in islam

While Europe was still in the dark ages, religious Muslims were making great advances in the fields of medicine, mathematics, physics, astronomy, geography, architecture, literature, and history documentation to mention but a Educational value in islam.

Huntington, in his theory The Clash of Civilizations" analyzed the present international conflicts in terms of clash of civilizations -conflict between the two cultures two civilizations -Islamic and Western civilizations.

The modern, purely materialistic approach to scientific and technological advancement has indeed granted man a measure of physical comfort, but not mental or spiritual comfort. In the beginning of his speech he gave a lot of stress to Islamize the educational system and said: As for the small share which then remains, if you respond with forgiveness, pardon, and magnanimity, in such a way as to conquer your enemy swiftly and safely, then you will have escaped all sin and harm.

Hameed Ahmed Khan Prof. Now how can we become Muslims in the true sense of the word? Islam urges the husband to treat his wife in a good and kind manner, and says that the wife has rights over the husband like his rights over her, except that he has a degree over her, because of his responsibility of spending and taking care of the family's affairs.

Article 31 of the constitution of the Islamic republic of Pakistan clearly points out this aspect. Islam states that raising daughters will bring a great reward. It is therefore not a trivial to be neglected. Pleasing one's mother is regarded as part of pleasing Allaah.

The important characteristic of that report was presenting a complete and formal educational procedure by our educational experts. In the Middle East it is generally accepted that a woman must fully cover her hair, and in some countries her whole face, but in other Muslim-majority countries, women are accepted with only partial covering of their hair, or none at all.

The current situation and the future of this arbitrary composed Muslim-society in a secular state like the Netherlands is continuously a topic of the Dutch public, politics and media.

All people are different. Seek knowledge even [if it is to be found in a place as distant as China. It is necessary that in the Islamic system that we should consider these dear children as our own children, and put aside all other considerations, and rise above all such things and realize our duty and our mission.

At first they should be taught Quraan Nazira then Kalma and Surahs which are recited in prayers. Despite progress in the behavioural sciences, there remains the question of whether current technique of treatment and prevention of emotional disturbances are effective in making a significant impact on psychiatric problems.

In Islam and other religions, all men are equal, regardless of color, language, race, or nationality. According to policy the aims of education will be: To retrieve them from this degeneration, it?

At that time, every person will be raised from the dead. Nevertheless, the most important beliefs and religious practices were identified by Prophet Muhammad himself.

Education in Islam - The Role of the Mosque

We should make our child enthusiastic, dynamic, and this search should pervade every corner of our society. A child's religious orientation is influenced by the kind of family relationship that exists at home.

It is also indicated that the teachers, parents and students all are responsible for religious education. Unless we come to know the basic and necessary teachings of the Prophet Muhammad S how can we believe in him, have faith in him, act according to what he taught?

Freud calls this is "Oedipus complex". Government of Pakistan, Ministry of educationProceedings of report prepared by the commission on national education, pg 10, So through this study in the light of the conclusions it was recommended that there should not only made effective educational policies for upgrading our educational system but special focus should be given to provide perfect and effective Islamic awareness to the students especially at secondary level when many changes occurred among individual, and this awareness is essential for best moral training of students.

Mental health 5 can be defined as a state of emotional wellbeing in which a person is able to function comfortable within his society and in which his personal achievements and characteristics are satisfactory to him.

The first and most crucial obligation on us is to acquire knowledge and secondly to practice and preach this knowledge. The framework of Islamic thought represents a comprehensive view of life and the universe. Islam raised the status of women, and made them equal with men in most rulings.

The Importance of Education in Islam

Freud's focus on sex as the driving force of human behaviour and sexual repression as a cause of neurosis is used as a basis of psychodynamic therapy. Thus, the work was started to give Islamic color to educational system before planning a formal educational policy. To a Muslim, conflict between science and religion is an impossibility, for religion comes from God and so does His system of creation and development.

For the last past 5 years, many opposite views have been emerged in our educational system. A person without knowledge is like someone walking along a track in complete darkness. This matter should be moral and spiritual. The government accepted the completely effects of world conference on Islamic education held in Makkah.

Criticizing Freud's over-emphasis on sex, Rafilo outlined that Freud give a person three alternatives to choose as a desired behaviour: It is to be understood that at this level, one has enough to live but not necessarily to be in some comfort.In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Core Values of Islam

Topic: THE IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATION IN ISLAM THE CREATION OF NABI ADAM (A.S) When Hazrat Adam (A.S.) was created, Allah S.W.T. said to the angels to bow down. Nov 24,  · Holy Quran,() Any good value in the West should be welcomed by Muslims but any value against any teaching of Islam is considered a bad value.

Importance of Education in Islam Islam is the religion of peace, and it is one of the most sacred and trustworthy religions, which has given us guidance in every aspect of life. Islam has given us education with knowledge which has no limits.

Jan 08,  · Islam has a holistic view of human development, which views education and knowledge as central. Islam encourages the acquisition of knowledge and its use for the benefit of humanity. Our religion, Islam, plays a significant role in satisfying our physical as well as spiritual needs.

Islam teaches us, a code of behaviour, conservation of social values and gives us a meaning for our existence. It helps in toleration and developing adaptive capacities for stressful events of life.

NORMS AND VALUES IN ISLAM. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Akgunduz. Rector of the Islamic University of Rotterdam. There is a continuing international debate around the world in general and in the Netherlands in particular. T here are a lot of views and opinions about globalization of norms and values.

The Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende intents to establish a commission to discuss about the norms and.

Educational value in islam
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